Aesop Rock - Pizza Alley

Video, stop-motion and 2D animation


Clair: Zoe Shaw 
Charlie: Liam Shaw 
Maggie: Mirabella Simantel 
Bucket: Edie Shaw 
Archeologist: Robert D’Esposito 

Director: Rob Shaw 
Executive Creative Director: Jason Bacon 
Executive Producer: Tsui Ling Toomer 
Producer: Robert D’Esposito 
Animation Director: John Summerson 
Prop & Set Fabricator: Erik Hoofnagle 
Live Action DP: Rodrigo Melgarejo 
Live Action Gaffer: Eric Macy 
Live Action AC: Lane Clark 
Live Action Sound Mixer: Evan Gandy
Compositor/Editor: Rob Shaw 
Color Correct: Orland Longlight 
Animation elements designed by Justin “Coro” Kaufman 
Production Company: Little-Giant 

Song Credits
Written & Produced By Aesop Rock 
Bass by James Lynch
Additional Instrumentation by Grimace Federation.
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