A group of twenty-somethings, coping with the sudden loss of a close friend, do the only thing that makes sense to them in their time of grief: they put on a play.
Stop motion animation, video
8 minutes 5 seconds

Official Selection, Videodrunk Film Festival, 2020.
Official Selection, Short of the Week, 2020.

Februarium!! was written, directed, & animated by John Summerson

Voices (in order of appearance)
John Summerson / Matt Smiley / Evan Marczynski / Tye Cruver / Ramsay Grove
/ Kayla Minotti / Arlo Hart

Erik Hoofnagle & John Summerson

Maggie-Rose Condit-Summerson & John Summerson

Animation Assistant
Maggie-Rose Condit-Summerson

Liam Elio / Chloe Hamon / Leo Metcalf / Simona Mehandzhieva / Guy Nesfield / John Summerson / Matt Taylor

Sound Design & Mix
Mikolaj Szatko

"Februarium the Musical" (2011-2013) was written and performed by:
John Summerson / Matt Smiley / Evan Marczynski / Ramsay Grove / Adam Slonaker / Arlo Hart / Rita Summerson / Joe Schauble

Additional performers:
Kate Meuth-Alldredge / Cassie Croft / Nathan Dodge / Jared Greene / Kayla Minotti / Kim Ann Ross / Richie Sandborn / Emily Wilson

"Februarium: Live at the Art Bar" (2020) was written by John Summerson

Performed by:
Sanjana Chandrasekhar / James Cheetham / Maggie-Rose Condit-Summerson / Ramsay Grove / Joumana Issmaiel / Richard Noble / John Summerson / Matt Taylor / Fred Williams

With additional support from:
Hannah Brewerton / Chloe Hamon / Dermot Lynskey / Grace Emily Manning / Simona Mehandzhieva

Live Sound Engineer
James Cheetham

Music written and performed by:
Adam Slonaker & Arlo Hart, Order of the Crimson Wizard, John Summerson, and Fred Williams

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