American Indian College Fund - One Percent
BENT director Chel White helms this intricately beautiful public service announcement for Wieden + Kennedy and the American Indian College Fund. American Indians are the most under-served group in the United States when it comes to education. Using traditional Indian beads as metaphor, a single yellow bead leads hundreds then thousands of other beads to take action, build momentum and together create exquisite images from Native American folk art. Inspired by the contemporary art of Marcus Amerman, with music by Neil Young.
The project was created using primarily CG animation, often with thousands of individual objects, as well as stop-motion animation that bookends this 30-second film. Check out the behind the scenes video
Produced at Bent Image Lab.

Stop motion animation, 3D animation
31 seconds

Stop Motion Animator: John Summerson
Directed by Chel White
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